Veterinary Compounding
Midland, TX

Of all the time we spend with our pets, medication time is easily the least cherished moment for most of us. The struggle of administering medicine may not only leave your pet traumatized, but can also leave you with bites and scratches to show for your trouble. In addition, since every pet has unique health needs, commercially available veterinary medicines may not be suitable for them, and even lead to overdose or allergic reactions.

As a leading veterinary compounding pharmacy in Midland and Odessa, our mission is to make medication time less stressful for both the pets and their pet owners. To achieve this objective, we provide you a safer and more convenient way to medicate your pets. We specialize in the compounding of veterinary medicines that allow you to give your pets the precise dose they need, in the flavor and form they prefer.

Making Medications a Flavorsome Treat for Your Pet

At Clack Co. Concierge Pharmacy we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not always work when it comes to veterinary medications. Therefore, we formulate combinations of pharmaceutical grade ingredients into easy-to-administer dosage forms like liquids, capsules, gels, creams, suppositories, and others. The purpose of compounding these dosage forms is to improve ease of administration for pet owners and deliver the precise dose prescribed by your veterinarian.

Whether your cat finds it difficult to swallow a tablet or your dog takes his medicine only when it is mixed with a sweet treat, Clack Co. Concierge Pharmacy can take the stress out of administrating medicines to your pet with our veterinary pharmacy compounding services.


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Benefits of Compounding Customized Medication for Your Pet

  • Catering to Your Pets

    Like their owners, pets also have preferences about their medications. Choosing our veterinary compounding services allows you to prepare medicines in flavors your pet loves. For example, tuna-flavored medicines for cats or banana-flavored medicines for birds.

  • Non-invasive Administration

    Veterinary compounding allows you to administer medicines in a non-invasive manner. We can prepare transdermal formulations that make medication time a much less frustrating experience for you and your pets.

  • Custom Preparation

    The doses of veterinary medicines vary greatly depending on the age, weight, breed, and species of the pet. As a result, commercially available medicines may not be suitable for your animal and lead to under- or over-dosage. We can prepare a custom preparation that delivers the exact dose prescribed by your veterinarian.

  • Discontinued Medicines

    If your pet has been prescribed a medicine that has been discontinued, our pharmacists can formulate it according to the standards recommended by the US Pharmacopoeia.


We are dedicated to provide premium-quality, safe, and effective medicines to you. To ensure this, we source ingredients from reputable pharmaceutical suppliers only and follow the preparations recommended by the FDA and US Pharmacopoeia to ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines.

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