Pediatric Compounding
Midland, TX

It is no secret that most kids hate taking their medicine, especially if it is a large, difficult-to-swallow capsule or tablet or ill-tasting syrup. Because of this, it may be very difficult for parents to convince or even force their children to take their medicine. At Clack Co. Concierge Pharmacy we have developed a practical solution to this problem by providing pleasant-tasting pediatric compounding formulas that make administration easier, improving compliance and clinical outcomes.

Reduce Overdose or Allergic Reactions

A pediatric compounding pharmacy like Clack Co. Concierge Pharmacy can help prepare specialized medicine of the right strength for your child, reducing the chance of overdose or allergic reactions.


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The Benefits of Pediatric Pharmacy Compounding

Pediatric pharmacy compounding offers the following three major benefits:

  • Precise Strength

    The dose of almost all medicines, particularly antibiotics, is determined individually for each child according to their weight, medical condition, and age. In addition, allergies and drug intolerance are more common in children as compared to adults. Therefore, it can be a challenge to find a tablet or capsule that does not contain gluten, dyes, fillers, or soy and provides the exact dose required. This is particularly beneficial for autistic children in which any of these ingredients can exacerbate the condition.

  • Variety of Dosage Forms

    Many medicines, particularly the ones prescribed to patients with a cardiovascular condition, are available as tablets or capsules that are difficult to swallow by young kids. Our compounding pharmacists can prepare liquid dosage forms of these medicines to improve compliance. In addition, other dosage forms can also be prepared per the preferences of the patient. These include: lollipops, gummy treats, effervescent drinks and topical gels.

  • Palatable Taste

    Many children refuse to take medication because of its unpleasant taste, color, or texture. Through compounding, conventional medicines can be transformed into colorful syrups that are highly palatable because of their sweet taste, but with reduced sugar content. In addition, specific flavors can also be added keeping the likes and dislikes of a child in consideration.

  • Pediatric Nutrition

    Have you thought about if your child receives the proper nutrition for a growing, healthy, energetic individual? Are they taking over the counter vitamins filled with potential allergic binders and loaded with sugars? We are experts in nutrition, supplementation, vitamin deficiencies, and reducing harmful environmental exposures to developing bodies.


At Clack Co. Concierge Pharmacy, we have a team of pediatric pharmacists and technicians who have extensive experience of compounding formulations for young patients. All preparations at Clack Co. Concierge Pharmacy are custom-compounded keeping the age, weight, allergy profile, and health needs of the patient in consideration.

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