Dominating Thoughts

I am way up. I feel BLESSED.

I was recently questioned about the dominating thoughts of my mind and the simple response is this;


I am grateful for every moment. Every challenge, victory, struggle and development is so unique and beautifully designed. So perfectly, that we have complete control over our experiences regardless of circumstance. Personally, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the circumstances of my life. Not that from the outside my path would be judged easy or trouble-free, but that the story of my life provides the needed structure for the content created by my choices. I am grateful that I have followed choices that allow me to pursue truth on the daily.



The people placed along my path have been ridiculously perfect. In every relationship or chance encounter, every forced or spontaneous occurrence, the opportunity for growth presented. Whether I felt that the event was good or bad in the moment has no bearing; it was perfect. I have struggled through things that help me relate and I have achieved at levels that inspire others. You have too! That’s what’s so beautiful…. what do we NOT have to be grateful for?

My mission is to bring truth without judgement; to truly love. The capacity that I can best do that is through my passion for individualized medicine. I am so grateful for such a strong passion to pursue. I

am grateful for the ability to obtain and apply education forever and ever, Amen.

I am grateful for every other person of purpose who I have crossed paths with. (If you are wondering if I’ve thought of you – I can assure you – I have.) I am grateful for like-minded professionals to support professional courage and growth. I am grateful to NOT like-minded professionals in helping me to keep an open mind, question myself, and therefore grow more grounded in my clinical standings.

I am very grateful for EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE that I have enjoyed, endured, and traveled through. I am grateful for family time doing nothing. I am grateful that my dreams of making the world better for those around me are coming true. I am grateful that every single day I know that I will help people live longer happier lives.

It’s really quite selfish. I love seeing everyone around me healthy and happy!


It’s the Dominating Thought of MY Mind.


Jenna W. Clack, PharmD


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