The Art of Compounding

Pharmacy compounding is an age-old practice that involves formulation of unique medications that meet the specific needs of individual patients. The history of compounding can be traced back to the origins of pharmacy when all medicines were compounded. However, in today’s era of mass medicine manufacturing, compounding is used to design customized medicines for patients with unique needs and preferences.

The Need for Pharmacy Compounding

From allergies and need for an easy-to-administer dosage form to non-compliance resulting from a patient’s inability or unwillingness to take a medication, there are several reasons why patients are prescribed compounded medications.

To address these challenges and improve ease of administration, a compounding pharmacist creates a customized medicine that:

  • Does not have unwanted ingredients, such as preservatives, dyes, fillers, gluten, sugar, etc.
  • Contains the exact dose prescribed to the patient
  • Meets the patient’s preferences in terms of flavor and dosage form
  • Is formulated to achieve the best clinical results possible
  • Solves problems of hard-to-treat medical conditions with superior results
  • Eases caregiver’s frustration with the limitation of commercially available drugs


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The Benefits of Pharmacy Compounding

  • Access to Discontinued Medicines

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers may discontinue the production of certain medicines with low demand. This can be really troublesome for patients who still need these medicines for a chronic health condition. Compounding pharmacists can recreate these medicines in the exact strength, flavor, and dosage form using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, ensuring that patients get the medicines they need to prevent their health from deteriorating.

  • Allergy-Friendly Formulation

    Commercially available medicines often contain gluten, lactose, dyes, and other additives. Patients with intolerance to these ingredients may experience an allergic reaction upon taking these medicines. To help patients avoid the inconvenience and side effects, compounding pharmacists can make a formula that does not contain the offensive ingredients and are therefore safe for the patient.

  • Increased Patient Compliance

    Many patients, particularly children, may have trouble taking certain medicines because of their unpleasant taste or large size. A compounding pharmacist can customize these medicines in a flavor and dosage form preferred by the patient. Our furry friends and companions, are often very difficult to administer medications to. We can dramatically improve compliance using flavorings, creative ideas such as transdermal methods instead of pill form, and research your specific breed/species for those unique and loved gifts of nature.

  • Alternative Dosage Forms

    From time to time, patients may need their medicine in a specific dosage form. For example, patients who are experiencing severe nausea or vomiting may not take a medicine orally. Similarly, children and pet animals may not be able to swallow a pill or capsule. To ensure ease of administration, a compounding pharmacist can compound medicines in a topical dosage form, such as a gel or a cream that allows the medicine to be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.


Getting access to personalized medicines is as easy as asking your physician or veterinarian. If you do not like the taste of your medicine or if your child cannot swallow a film-coated tablet, get in touch with us and we will formulate a customized medicine in your preferred flavor and dosage form. To learn more, please call us at (432) 695-9806 .

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