The Health & Happiness Community

with Jenna Clack, Pharm D, FAAMFM, ABAAHP

Join us in the positive and loving Clack Co. Online Community for support on your healing journey toward lasting health for your body, mind, and soul. Learn from and interact with a world-class, highly educated, leader in the healing industry, Jenna Clack, weekly. Embark on a journey to true health and happiness.
If not now, when?

This is for YOU if…

  • You are craving more of Jenna Clack’s Intelligence, Understanding, and Loving Energy.
  • You are feeling called to be a part of an accepting and loving community in Midland.
  • You are interested in learning more about yourself with Jenna’s expertise.
  • You are longing for less stress, and more joy in your day to day life.
  • You are seeking easy to implement Life Enhancing strategies.
  • You are praying for more clarity and direction around maintaining health and happiness.
  • You are ready to shift your old habits to start living a truly fulfilling and healthy Life.
“Jenna and her talented affiliates are truly on a mission to change the world. Each day, medical professionals around the world are waking up to Holistic ways of healing patients and finding massive success. Jenna and her entourage are beautiful examples of this. Everyone who walks through the doors at Clack Co. can’t help but rave about their gratitude for their authentic CARE. I am blown away by the results they can help their clients achieve. They are healing rapidly, comfortably, and peacefully. Absolutely amazing!”

Grecia Karlsson, Life Coach


Depending on the membership program you feel called to join, you will receive:

Goodness Groupie


Per Month
  • 1 FB LIVE Educational & Interactive Q&A Session with Jenna Clack weekly
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group with like-minded, supportive individuals
  • Clack Co. Over the Counter Discount of 5%
  • 20% Off Consultation
  • Minimum 3 Month Commitment
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Clack Co. Family


Per Month
  • Limited Spots Available
  • 2 Hours of Health and Life Coaching with Jenna Clack a month
  • 2 Hours of Health and Life Coaching with Trusted Support Staff a month
  • 1 FB LIVE Educational + Interactive Q&A Session with Jenna Clack weekly
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group with like-minded, supportive individuals
  • Personal Concierge Contact
  • Clack Co. Over the Counter Discount of 15%
  • 40% Off Additional Consultation Time
  • Minimum 3 Month Commitment
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Non-Members Pricing:
1 Hour of Health and Life Coaching with Jenna Clack $499/hour, 1 Hour of Wellness & Nutrition Consult $299/hour, Intake $250 ($100 with personal or professional referral)

How this Community came into existence:

Not too long ago, Jenna was working in a traditional pharmacy. She found herself deeply wanting to treat not only the symptoms of her client’s illnesses but heal the CAUSE of the illnesses to ensure the conditions did not recreate themselves.

That was when she decided to follow the whispers of her heart and open a non-traditional holistic pharmacy that allowed her the ability to treat the whole person, the cause AND effect of their illnesses. She quickly found she was providing her clients the opportunity to live a fuller and healthier lifestyle that they truly enjoyed and were extremely grateful for.

Now, she has rapidly become the go-to source for everything body, mind, and soul in Midland, TX. Her priority is to ensure every person that is led to her is immediately on their way to authentic healing. To fulfill this mission, she has partnered with talented and devoted holistic practitioners that she trusts whole-heartedly.

To keep up with the high demand for her personal services, we created this “The Health & Happiness Community” where you will have the pleasure of interacting and learning from her weekly and have the option to hire her as your personal health and life coach (limited spots available).

The vision for this program is to create a loving and accepting community in Midland where we are learning from the best in the industry alongside a group of likeminded individuals who are also on their own healing journey. This expansive vision will ensure not only that our own lives are healthier and happier, but that the lives of the generations that follow are transformed for the greater good of all.



  • Cash Price on Labs with Consultation
  • Discounts with Anne (Yoga / Reiki)
  • Anyone who becomes a member before 11:59 PM on April 4, 2019 will receive a “Once You Go Clack, You Never Go Back” T-shirt and a $40 credit to be spent at the Clack Co. front end!

How it works:

Within 24 hours of joining, you will be added to the private Facebook Group and introduced to the current members.

If you are a BFF or a Clack Co. Family Member, Michelle will reach out to you during office hours to book your one-on-one coaching appointments with Jenna Clack & trusted staff.


Practical solutions for making happiness and health your new way of being are waiting. The most loving and accepting humans are ready to embark on this journey beside you. Everything you want is on the other side of Fear.
If not now, when?


Are you ready to take the journey with us?