What is Pharmacy Compounding?

Pharmacy compounding can be best described as the practice of formulating personalized or compounded medication. The medication is made by a licensed compounding pharmacist. The compounding pharmacist combines, alters or mixes together the ingredients of a drug (based on the practitioner’s prescription) in the exact dosage and strength— tailoring it to the specific needs of the patient.

The history of compounding pharmacy dates back to the beginning of time—as far back as the Egyptian time. Historically, medication compounding was a vital aspect of the pharmaceutical process. This is evident from the fact that in the beginning of the 20th century, majority of the medicines were created through pharmaceutical compounding. However, in 1950 and 1960 pharmacy compounding began to decline rapidly because of the introduction of mass drug manufacturing.

In the era of mass drug manufacturing, majority of the drugs came from pharmaceutical companies, directly. This also changed the role of the pharmacist into a dispenser as they only had to dispense drugs at the pharmacy. However, the introduction of one-size-fits-all mass-produced drugs meant that many patients were not getting the drug that they required in terms of formulation, dosage and strength to meet their medical needs.

The good news is that patients no longer have to compromise on their health by taking mass-produced medication. In the last three decades, compounding pharmacy has revived. It is experiencing growth all thanks to the modern technology advancements coupled with innovation and extensive research in the field.

Additionally, many compounding pharmacy support companies and the IJPC (International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding) are providing programs as well as information pertaining to this field—supporting compounding pharmacists in all practice sites, such as hospitals, community and home health care.

Besides this, analytical support is also being provided to pharmacists by several FDA registered & inspected laboratories across the US. In these laboratories, pharmacists can now conduct potency analysis, endotoxin and sterility testing. All this have enabled and empowered pharmacists to create customized medication for patients with specific needs.

Though there are many compounding pharmacies established nationwide, it is important that you select a compounding pharmacy that is reliable and experienced. Creating customized drugs is an art and science. It requires quality training, immense knowledge, in-depth understanding along with access to state-of-the-art facility, equipment and resources. It’s a combination that is rare but we take pride in having it.

At Clack Co. Concierge Pharmacy, we have a team of trained and experienced compounding pharmacists who work cohesively with the prescriber (a physician, veterinarian or dentist) to ensure the customized drug meets the needs of the patient. We create personalized medicine for individuals who require specific dosage forms, flavors, strengths and ingredients, due to allergies or any other reason.


Do you have a problem that you just have not been able to solve? Maybe you miss a certain medicine that is no longer manufactured, or you just can not get your child to take their antibiotic medication on schedule because of taste or dosage form.

Do you have a prized sports animal, exotic species, or your best friend with a health condition that requires specially formulated medication? Ask us how we can make it better.

If you are a physician, maybe you are simply frustrated with the service that you have been getting from your current compounder and would like to see if there is a place out there that offers you superior service, at a better price. If so, give us a call, or drop us a line. We are here to serve you.

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